Chicago firm buys Hanson Directories

by DirecTech |
Nov. 18, 2016, 5:00pm

DirecTech, LLC, has purchased Hanson Directories, a telephone directory publisher based in Iowa, the Newton Daily News reported.

“We are all about helping our local advertisers sell more,” DirecTech CEO Andy McKenna said in a news release. “By focusing our efforts on revenue growth through expanded product offerings, we will be of added value to our telephone exchange affiliates.”

McKenna said DirecTech, owned by a Chicago investor group led by Anderson Pacific Corporation, will add new print and digital products to Hanson Directories existing services available to more than 25,000 advertisers. 

Hanson Directories’ 61-person staff kept their jobs under the new owners, who agreed to keep the company based in Newton. Hanson Directories publishes more than 100 telephone directories for 140 telephone companies in 27 states, according to the Daily News. Altogether, circulation surpasses 1 million phone books each year.

Hanson Directories owner and CEO Bill Hanson took the helm about 40 years ago of the company his father started. Hanson said he decided to retire and will spend more time with his family.

The sale was finalized Nov. 1, 2016.

“We feel the sale to DirecTech is a good fit for our telephone industry affiliates, our advertisers and our employees,” Hanson said, according to the Daily News. “My father started the business in January 1973. Proudly, my family has had a long, enjoyable and successful history of service to the rural telephone industry.”

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