Portfolio Businesses

DCP invests in capital-intensive assets and funds its transactions using its own capital and that of select investors who have a long history of partnering with the firm’s principals. It provides this capital in partnership with industry-respected managers, who each become responsible for the entity that DCP has supported.

DCP’s current investments are organized in three district verticals.

Master Software and Services Platform

Through an investment in Evergreen Digital Media, Inc., headquartered in Denver, and its wholly owned subsidiary, N-Compass TV, Inc., DCP invested in a provider of scheduling and ad design software to augment the ad-supported indoor digital out-of-home industry. NCTV offers its services through exclusive dealerships. NCTV’s total sales are now over $3m, annually, from 100 dealerships in more than 30 states and Canada that combined have over 2,400 digital advertising screens. DCP is the largest non-founder shareholder of EDM and sits on EDM’s board. DCP assists EDM in financial controls and corporate strategy.

N-Compass logo with link

Local Indoor Billboards

As owners of exclusive territory rights granted by N-Compass, DCP companies own digital screens located in restaurants, retailers, beauty shops, and other high-traffic areas in the local markets. Current companies in this portfolio are Iowa Digital Newsboards, LLC; Minnesota Digital Newsboards, LLC, Texas Digital Newsboards, LLC; Nevada Digital Networks, LLC. These entities have run rate revenue of over $2 million and have expanded their influence into partnerships with local newspapers, for which its services become the vehicle for the local media company to expand into digital communications.

Traditional Outdoor Billboards

An entity DCP formed in 2020, TierOne Media, LLC, operates 44 digital and static billboards in Pensacola, FL (nine digital, six static, three trivision); Mobile, Alabama, (two digital, six static, one trivision); Montgomery, Alabama (14 digital, three static). TierOne has $12 million in invested capital to have one of the highest rates of digital to static signs in the industry. TierOne will have $2.2 million in gross revenue in 2022 and has had good success in combining its traditional outdoor business with NCTV’s new digital indoor.